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A Season of Podcasting

In coaching when we are working with someone who's life is out of balance, we work with them to gain perspective on the 7 key areas of life (Fitness, Finance, Family, Field, Faith Friends and Fun). More often than not, one or two of those areas has become a dominate focus or time bandit in their life. Therefore we use a system to create a structure that builds action steps that become habits that support a more balanced and purposeful life.

But guess what. Sometimes life coaches also work with clients to purposely guide them through a season of throwing their life out of balance. When we talk about a season in our life, think big shift that temporarily or permanently changes things. It can be something we choose, (a big project, a big move, etc.) or one that happens to us (job loss, family member passing, etc.). Life coaches understand that sometimes when clients really want to push themselves to reach a big goal, they will need to choose to unbalance their life and place more focus in one area than another. When doing this, we still maintain "keeping a pulse" on the other areas of life, but we also consciously allow the majority of our focus and efforts to pour into the "one thing." We call this a season because like any of the four seasons we have, they are not permanent, they will conclude.

For me, the last 5 months have been a season of podcasting and that season is about to wrap up for this year. When I started the podcast, We All Have Something, back in early 2021 it was a solo podcast, meaning each episode was just me discussing a topic for the listening audience. This year, season 2 of We All Have Something, I upgraded the cover art (as you can see to the left) and I introduced episodes with guests - and it has been an incredible experience! This season has taught me so much about producing and editing over these last few months. Between reaching out to potential guests, working with multiple schedules and conducting interviews, it has required that I stretch my communication skills, learning a lot about myself along the way as well.

My initial plan was to wrap this season up this week, the last week of October. But I have a couple of more guests that needed to wait until their schedule opened up for an interview. Thus, as my recording schedule goes into overtime, I invite you to look over the lists of guests that have been on so far - and feel free to click on any or all of them to hear the full episode.

And of course, if you haven't already - Please subscribe to We All Have Something where ever you listen to your favorite podcast. (Direct links to most popular platforms below)

Guest interviews:

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