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Extraordinary Is Within You

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

“Don’t settle for ordinary when extraordinary is within you.”

I love this simple quote from The OolaGuys—authors Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl—who remind us that we were designed for greatness. Each of us is here for a specific purpose.

If you’ve lost sight of your dreams or are going through a rough patch, remember that where you are now is not where you’re destined to stay. Tell yourself daily, This is just where I am. It’s not who I am.

The key is to start dreaming again. Rediscover what you really want from life. Explore a calling that you’re passionate about. Then, start a committed path to achieving that life.

But, above all, stay focused. And if you find, once the clutter of life is over for the day, you've done nothing to move your life closer to your goals, recommit to staying focused and create a task list for tomorrow that will move closer to your goals.

Also realize that some goals are so big, they won’t be completed in a few weeks. Be patient. Be persistent. But also be disciplined enough to continue doing those things that will create the extraordinary life you were born to live.

If you’ve been following my posts on social media over the last few months, you know that—right now—you have a unique opportunity to create an amazing future. The key is to stay focused on getting it.

And helping you “staying focused” is a major part of what I do as a coach and using the transformational Oola Coaching Program.

Coaching can help you remove the clutter and obstacles in your life that are holding you back from following your heart. When we begin to eliminate the stress and chaos, the crushing weight of debt, the toxic people and other anchors from our lives, our true selves begin to emerge. We start to get a glimpse of what's inside of us, and our heartfelt passions come to light.

Coaching can also help you rediscover your dreams and true calling . . . a major stepping stone on the way to living the OolaLife. It’s a process I help clients through and it is an honor to see my clients grow and achieve their big dreams.

If you or someone you know wants to find out more about my coaching program, click on my home page and sign up for a free 30 minute discovery call. I promise, no sales crap, just the two of us talking about what your questions are and how I coach.

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