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Rolling Into The End Of The Year

Welcome to the last 19 days of 2022.

(Psst - Look for my book recommendations at the end of this post.)

Wow. That kind of sounds weird. I mean, I know it’s December, but I just feel like this year flew by. And yes, there is research out there that shows as we age, we perceive time differently, but in just a couple of weeks we will be welcoming in a new year... and I'm still in October, I think.

Inevitably a new year usually sets us on the path to thinking about making changes in our life. We tend to think things like, “This year I’m going to…” or, “This will be the year I will finally…” or even, “2023– This will be my year of transformation!”

Any of these sounds familiar? Or maybe just the theme of the above statements hits you with familiarity? You’re not alone.

Earlier this month I was at a two-day event called Oolapalooza. This is a big event with Dr. Dave & Dr. Tory, the founders of Oola, where those attending build a plan for the coming year based on our individual goals in 7 key areas of life: Fitness (health), Finance, Family, Field (career), Faith (spirituality), Friends and Fun.

I was fortunate enough to be there to work on my dreams and goals for 2023, and to support and serve others as a Mentor Coach. Some people in attendance were fellow life coaches and Ambassadors, while others in attendance just enjoy using Oola to improve their life. The crowd was a mix of those who have been attending for many years in a row and those who were there for the first time.

This was my second year attending and it was great to see more men and families with older teens and adult kids in their twenties attending as well. Additionally, with more experience living and coaching the Oola framework, I was better able to set my goals for the year and help others navigate the process.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the most impactful part of it all, and that’s the community. Throughout the year Oola Coaches, Ambassadors and Members stay in communication though Zoom meetings and Facebook groups. Like any large group of representing a broad diversity of people from all over the place, we each have something going on in our life. And you know what, the Oola community shows up for each other. No matter what you have been through, what you are going through or anywhere in-between, the Oola community shows up – Open heart and no judgement. And I am here for it!

Below is a video recap I shot on my last day in Nashville. I was so, so tired. Emotionally full and drained at the same time. And it shows in the video. In fact, I almost didn’t post it because it is a little too raw and un-polished, I look exhausted, I ramble and even tear up. But ya know what? The world needs a little more of us just showing up as we are. So here’s to authenticity! (Click image below to watch the video)


Current Books I'm Reading...

I started watching this moving back in 2008 (yes, 14 years ago) on Netflix. I was interrupted and never finished it. When I came across this book recently I recalled what I did see of the movie was intriguing and thus have started it this week. So far an interesting story about how we look at life and how we choose to show up.

I read this one back on 2010. But after interviewing Sharon Lechter on my podcast, who works with the Napoleon Hill Foundation, I was inspired to reread it. It's still amazing to me that this book was written in 1937 and yet the concepts and thoughts around mindfulness and staying persistent in the pursuit of your dreams are timeless.

When I interviewed Sharon Lechtor earlier this year and asked her about her work, this book came up several times. I had heard of it, but never read it until now. A lot of it is rooted in the concepts and work Napoleon Hill writes about in Think & Grow Rich, but it has a modern twist on it. And the way it is written, these concepts are presented through the story of the protagonist finding his way again after drifting off course.

This was recommended to me by the Director of Coaching for Oola. Her description reminded me of one of my other favorite books, From Strength to Strength by Arthur C. Brooks. Halftime was described to me as a "halftime" revelation about how we make changes to live a more fruitful and rewarding second half. Needless to say at 50 years old (my half way mark), I am looking forward to this one.


Please note: All links on this blog post are affiliate links to Amazon. Purchasing through these links does not increase your cost, but it does kick a small percentage of you purchase back to me. This helps offset the cost of this blog, the website and the podcast, We All Have Something. Your support is appreciated.

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