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The many levels to which Rick has coached me into a happier more peaceful and mentally organized life, is still being realized as I implement all I have learned. His black and white steps that are literally on paper and the Oola framework helped quantify solutions to my thoughts and goals. They were truly invaluable, and steps I use regularly to this day. 

I came to Rick after leaving a toxic job, finding a new job, selling my home, losing two close friends in 1 year and moving 2x in 6 weeks. My brain was overwhelmed. Rick helped me develop new tangible goals, fight off (with solid boundaries) the toxicity that I had been sadly accustomed to and to find the spirituality I never knew I actually had. I am in tears writing this as I can see how far I have grown in 9 months due to Rick’s coaching and encouragement.

As I go through my day-to-day life that is ever evolving and changing within the career field I am in, I use the skills, exercises and perspective Rick taught me, to see a more positive and happier solution to all the things chaotic in our day-today modern world. It’s not easy to find the answers and solutions but man is it worth it! The time he spends with you is critical in finding a unique approach to living your best life.

Trisha S.
Southern California

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